[Tutorial] How to apply external power on MRP11

[Tutorial] How to apply external power on MRP11

Step by step guide to applying power on MRP11 Multi AVR Adapter.

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Following illustrates the steps of applying power on MRP11


  1. Identify the VCC and GND pin number for target MCU from datasheet. For example, ATTINY85 has VCC at Pin8 and GND at Pin4.

    MRP11 - Applying external power
  2. Place MCU on MRP11 and connect two wires to MCU’s VCC and GND pins at MRP11. Please ensure wires are connected to target MCU pins, as follows:

    MRP11 - Applying external power
  3. Connect the wires to external power source. Note that provided external power can’t be higher than the maximum voltage limit as mentioned in datasheet, otherwise target MCU will be damaged due to over-voltage. Following shows the example of using external power source (5V) from Arduino UNO:

    MRP11 - Applying external power
  4. For Atmel AVRISP mkII case, connect MRP06 converter with Atmel AVRISP mkII to MRP11. Then connect AVRISP mkII to desktop or laptop and apply power on external source. Once the external power is successfully applied to Target MCU, the Atmel’s AVRISP mkII will display “green” led as follows:

    MRP11 - Applying external power


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